Repairing Damaged Gutters – What You Need To Know

Repairing Damaged Gutters – What You Need To Know

Home maintenance is never an exciting topic. It’s actually really boring and stressful especially when you’re doing it yourself. Rain gutters are no different and you probably won’t know they’re damaged unless it’s something major and needs a quick fix.

Gutters collect and carry away rainwater than would otherwise run off straight off the roof. When your roof is without gutters, the rainwater will splash down the road and erode the soil and stain the walls of your home. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you need to protect your roof by installing a reliable gutter system that will help stream the rain water at the side of your house.

The work doesn’t stop there though. When you install a gutter system, you need to maintain it to ensure that it functions 100% of the time. For these reasons, it is important that your gutters are in proper working order. In this article, I will teach you how to diagnose and fix the most common gutter problems. Fixing these basic problems as soon as they arise will help you avoid bigger problems.

Patching a hole

Gutter can develop holes in a number of ways. When your gutters are made of metal, they are prone to rust. Also, some metals like copper or aluminum are not as strong which leaves them vulnerable to falling branches and sharp tools.

If you notice a hole on your gutters, you need to patch the hole right away so that it doesn’t grow larger. Use roofing cement that closely matches the gutter material. Firstly, you need to clean the gutter and remove all the debris. If the hole is caused by rusting, make sure to remove all the rusted areas first before applying the roofing cement. Applying the roofing cement is easy. Just make sure to apply it uniformly.

Leaky joints

The joints between the lengths of gutter are prone to failure. Seamless gutters are also prone to drips. The sharper the joint, the more prone it is to damage and cracking. The fix is basically the same compared to patching a hole. All you need to have is a sealant. Just like before, clean the spot first and remove the debris. Once cleaned, apply the sealant and close the joint.

Saggy Gutters

Most gutters are held in place with spikes that passes through sleeves. These spikes are called ferrules. To repair a sagging gutter, just replace the ferrule with something that won’t withdraw much easily.

Of course, the best fix to all these problems is prevention. To make sure that your gutter systems are well-maintained, you need to check them regularly. If you don’t have time, you can hire someone who will maintain your roof gutter system. For professional help, you can call us here at 330-915-4214.

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