Rain Gutter Repairs – The How, When and Why

Rain Gutter Repairs – The How, When and Why

Rain gutters are essential part of your roof system since it protects your foundation from rainwater and other forms of damaging elements. An effective rain gutter collects and diverts rainwater through the use of a sheds installed at the sides of the roof. If rain water isn’t directed away from your roof, it can seep into your foundation and weaken the whole structure of your house. In worse cases, it can cause flooding of the basement.

The best reason to get a gutter for your roof is you want to protect the foundation of your home. Even small seepage can wreck havoc to the structure of your home because water can penetrate even the deepest layers of the foundation of your house. To avoid such disasters, it is important to do proper repair and maintenance for your gutter system if need be.

Prolonging the life of your gutters

Your gutter system’s #1 enemy is the water. When it comes to the most damaging element for your gutter system, it is always the water that takes the cake. An excessive stream of water can damage your gutter system causing it to overflow and in some cases, break apart. The key to good water flow inside the gutter is to have it installed by professionals. Professionals can see the best way to install the gutter to ensure it can support even the strongest water flow there is.

But just like any other equipment in your home, even the best gutter systems can fail from time to time. In such cases, it is recommended that you do the repairs as soon as possible and don’t wait any longer. Your gutter protects your home which means that you need to have it fixed immediately. Ignoring the problems of your gutter system can haunt you down the line once they damage the structure of your house. As such, do the repairs as soon as possible and avoid all possible future problems in the future.

Sagging gutter problem

Sagging gutters are the most common repair request for homeowners. The reason for this is  most gutter systems are supported only by long nails and screws. These types of support offer weak support from strong water flow and heavy loads. One solution is to replace these supports and add new brackets that can support the gutter system even under heavy load.

Downspout blockage

Downspout is the part of your rain gutter that carry the water down and away from your home. It acts like some sort of a funnel, funneling the water out of your house. One common problem on downspouts is it sometimes get clogged by leaves and other debris. When this happens, the downspout can cause overflow on the gutters, leading to gutter damage. In most cases, the downspout will crack to give way to the water flow. Fortunately, cracked downspouts are relatively easy to replace.

Gutter leakage

Make sure that your gutters do not have major leaks because it can affect the overall performance of the system. Make sure to do a quick checkup every once in a while by professionals. A quick maintenance check can save you all the hassle in the future.

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